Traveling the World One Adventure at a Time.


Millennial Nomads

Millennial nomads

Hello! My name is Chloe and like to consider myself a millennial nomad.

Millennial nomads


And this is Tyler, my boyfriend, who also likes to consider himself a millennial nomad.

Millennial nomads

This is why we consider ourselves the millennial nomads!

Millennial nomads

To us millennial nomads are individuals who travel the world living on the mere basics and are of course, a millennials! (Though a little bit of remote working and college into the mix and…) This is the story of how we became who we are today:

Growing up traveling to places right around the corner seem to be one of the biggest impacts on our days of being explorers, wanderers, adventurers, and travelers. Today, I have a grown passion for wanting to go everywhere in the world and I have figured our that it isn’t the easiest task being my age, but it is the most exciting.

I am currently taking classes at the University of Florida persuing an education in Psychology. In the meantime, I love to travel, explore, live life, and, of course, as a Floridian, go to Disneyworld. I have created this blog to help inform and share about my travels.

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