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What can $900 or below get you for one month on AIRBNB?

What can $900 or below get you for one month on AIRBNB?

Have you heard of AIRBNB? It’s a really awesome site where you can stay in homes that people offer to you at really reasonable rates. I use this almost everytime I travel as it safes me money, time, and it gives me the best experience. You can choose from a private room, shared room, or even an entire house. I usually opt for the entire house as I like to have an entire place to myself while on vacation.


To show you how great Airbnb is I am going to show you 10 places you can get an AIRBNB for less than $900 a month.

  1. Have you ever wanted to stay in Italy? If so, you should really check this place out inĀ Gravere, Piemonte, Italy. It comes with free wifi, sleeps up to 9 people, has 5 star reviews, and is only $871 for the entire month! Link
  2. Now how about Greece? How can you pass up seeing the beautiful Mediterranean, eating Gyros, looking at all the amazing architecture, and feeling as if you’re in another decade. Eh, it costs too much, maybe we shouldn’t go there. Wrong. Check out this place in Rhodes, Egeos, Greece for just $802 for an entire month! Now isn’t that a good view… Link

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